The Theater
Video projects spanning the ages... of my life at least. Many of the videos are creative - others Fearless Ink & Wild Intent produced under contract. Film is both a passion and a career here. If you are interested in hiring Fearless Ink & Wild Intent for a video project, please contact me via our Correspondence Page .

RRR - A Grateful Harvest Fundraiser Videos

Roundup River Ranch - 
A Grateful Harvest 2016
In the summer of 2016 I filmed, edited and produced videos for the non-profit camp, Roundup River Ranch, introducing celebrity chefs, and the dishes they prepared for the 2016 Grateful Harvest. ​
Captain Jack's
A Cycle Adventure 
It was the year 2016. The sun was hot, the trail was waiting, and the day was young when these two cyclists took on Captain Jack's.
TEDxVail | Amy Ben-Horin - 2016
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: Unlocking the Superpowers of our Youth
In January of 2016 I helped Ms. Ben-Horin, of Round Up River Ranch by producing the multimedia production for her TEDx Speaker Series talk. This video is of her presentation, the slideshow accompanying her is my production. 
Personal Film Projects
  1. StrakBeard Macho Walk - 2/16/2010
    A high school principal, and a video production teacher find themselves incontestably destined to collide in this high intensity macho walk.
  2. Slash Contest Movie - (8/21/2010)
    Will Brendza tries to win a day with Slash, but his plans are foiled when myspace wont let him upload this video. So, unfortunately this video was never even entered into the contest it was intended for. But here it is. For your viewing enjoyment.
  3. Tribute to a Music Video - (2/18/10)
    Will Brendza, Shawn Miks, and Arlo Carpenter re-enact the brilliant, famous, and incredibly entertaining "Tribute" music video. The song, by Tenacious D is nothing short of a master piece. This video by Will Brendza is nothing short of... something. Please enjoy.
  4. Will About Me
    Will Brendza is just your every day, average american male. He does yoga and Tai-Chi in sub-zero weather, he drinks between five and eight cups of tea a day, and he stretches before going to sleep every night. Yes, he's just a regular guy, doin' what regular guys do best... Right?
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Public Service Announcement: Recycle - (8/30/2009)

Shoes of the Jews - (3/22/2009)

Return of the Yet-I - (9/30/2010)

Hezikiah Sheldonstien was a good Jew; a boy who followed the rules laid down by the elders of his clan. But one day, as he was walking down a deserted street he found something... Something that would change his life forever. 
Ace Rekop is the best poker player that the UPS (underground Poker Society) has ever seen. He's never lost a game a' cards in his life... Until now. When a new comer shows up, with the skill to challenge Ace's perfect record.
John Kurtz was your everyday high school student, he did his homework, played sports, gelled his hair, etcetera.... But one day he disappeared. What happened to him? He was abducted. By the "Earth Liberation Front" Or, "ELF". This is the story of John Kurtz, and of a documentary film maker who's curiosity gets the better of him. 

A Brief Interview  w/ Dr. Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz - (11/03/2011)

Will Brendza for President - (4/20/2010)

Will Brendza for President 2 - (4/25/2010)

A few minutes talking with the legendary CU professor of film and director of the Film College.  
Will Brendza was running for 2010 class president at Eagle Valley High School, this video is one of the factors that helped him sweep the democratic primaries and move on to be a presidential candidate. Featuring his future running mate, Shawn Miks, and fellow democrat Arlo Carpenter. 
Once again, Will Brendza is running for the Eagle Valley High School 2010 class president. This video was shown at the Democratic convention, and kicked some serious ass. Will Brendza won the popular vote of the high school, but somehow ended up losing.... yeah, it didn't make sense to him either. But hey, its funny right? Featuring his running mate, Shawn Miks, and fellow democrat (and former political competition) Carson Preytis.