Unfiltered from the heart of the Rocky Mountains, unpasturized, unsensored and unapologetic - the following content would likely be labled "unsafe for consumptoin"  if the FDA had any say in the matter. Whether that's a testament its authenticity or a serious warning for the faint of heart, depends on the reader...

Perhaps it's both.

Regardless, you've arrived at a place of truth and sincerety. A sanctuary of sorts, where words and wisdom are free to be as strange and as beautiful or ugly as they were always meant to be - a place where the ink is fearless and the intent is always wild.

If you've come for professinoal samples of my written work, there are a number of links to articles and author pages listed below. The Gallery and The Theater have samples of my photography and video projects, respectively. 

If, however, you're here to get weird, you better make way for The Library ...


A Word From the Wise:

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.

-Edward Abbey
"Desert Solitaire, 1968"

My name is Will Brendza. I am an American writer, photographer and environmentalist.

I currently write for a number of newspapers and magazines throughout Colorado, including the Boulder Weekly, Rooster Magazine, the Vail Daily, Vail Lifestyle Magazine, Eat Magazine, Art Magazine and Mountain Golf Magazine. I also provide content for a number of websites and businesses, including Skilledsurvival.com , iExplore.com  and  Travelmindset.com .

For the Boulder Weekly I typically cover local environmental and agricultural news, but I have also done music artist profiles and interviews, as well as investigative and historical work. Here is my author page .

For the Vail Daily and their affiliated magazines I cover art, local cuisine and restaurants, and education, as well as doing local business and community contributor profiles. Here are just a few links to my work for them:

Vail Mountain School Intraterm Program Explores the Globe in a World of Learning

Eat, Drink and Bowl in Vail at BoL Restaurant

Dusty Boot Roadhouse Celebrates 20 Years in Beaver Creek

Rooster Magazine publishes my articles on a regular basis, both in print and on their website. I cover tech, cannabis, drugs and lifestyle news as well as politics for the Rooster. Here are links to a number of my articles:

America's First "Cannabis 101" Class for Senior Citizens, Insanely Successful

The Mysterious Case of Unsolved Cattle Mutilations in Colorado

Republicans Vote to Shred Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a Place I Worked to Protect

Smart Mushrooms Tow the Line Between Legal and Completely Not

Ancient Accounts of Greek "Wine" Sound Eerily Familiar to Psychedelics

The Drama of Denver's 4/20 Rally Has Played Out Like a Daytime Soap Opera

I also regularly provide blog content for Cannabition - the world's first cannabius musem in Las Vegas. 


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