Fearless Ink & Wild Intent LLC is a freelance media company based out of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I write professionally, and produce/edit  videos  and photographs for both independent and commercial clients -  including:

The Week Magazine
The Vail Valley Foundation
Round Up River Ranch
Inside Out Media
Boulder Tech

If you are interested in working with or hiring Fearless Ink & Wild Intent to produce or edit written, video, or photo content please reach out via the Correspondence Page . No challenge is too large, no project too small, no topic too strange.

A Word From the Wise:

Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why.

-Hunter S. Thompson
"The Curse of Lono, 1983"

VIDEO GALLERY - Recent Samples
  1. RRR - A Grateful Harvest Fundraiser Videos
    In the summer of 2016 I filmed, edited and produced videos for the non-profit camp, Roundup River Ranch, introducing celebrity chefs, and the dishes they prepared for the 2016 Grateful Harvest.
  2. Captain Jack's - A Cycle Adventure
    It was the year 2016. The sun was hot, the trail was waiting, and the day was young when these two cyclists took to Captain Jack's.
  3. Multimedia TEDxVail | Amy Ben-Horin - 2016
    In January of 2016 I helped Ms. Ben-Horin, of Round Up River Ranch by producing the multimedia production for her TEDx Speaker Series talk. This video is of her presentation, the slideshow accompanying her is my production.
  4. Will About Me - 2010
    Will Brendza is just your every day, average american male. He does yoga and Tai-Chi in sub-zero weather, he drinks between five and eight cups of tea a day, and he stretches before going to sleep every night. Yes, he's just a regular guy, doin' what regular guys do best... Right?
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Written GALLERY - Recent Samples
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